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The following is an example of the module and the format utilized in each individual course, with details tailored specifically for that course: (review the body section to get a listing of each course number and subject). Payments to unlock full documents and packages can be made via Paypal

Lecture on the topics of maritime history, and related subjects in ancient, prehistoric and modern time.

Materials Needed:
Instructor: PowerPoint Presentation
Students: Journals, writing implements
Multimedia materials and formats as needed
Videos, Audio recordings, and graphics as needed

Vocabulary introduced:
Please see individual modules for specific vocabulary introduced
Instructors are invited to enhance existing vocabulary lists with terms of their own

All of Maritime History began with the observation of the oceans and rivers by man. It is a rich and exciting history that is often left out in universities, and offered as an independent course of study The modules in this program are intended to be utilized for on-board education, entertainment and in the classroom to prepare students in a working knowledge of Maritime History, Archaeology, and Anthropology. The Outline referenced below for the entire program are just a skeleton of the course that can be developed from these materials.

Further specific lectures can be assigned module letters as the need arises.

Seafaring Lore and Legend, Peter D. Jeans 2007
Personal Experiences

Lesson Plan:
Introduce the terms and concepts via PowerPoint or Keynote by using images and bulleted lists to convey the information. Dialogue with the students in a question and answer format.

Explain topics to be outlined and discussed throughout the course. Amount of subject covered will vary as to length of program. These modules were created with the idea that many yacht clubs, educational programs asea are lacking the Anthropological aspect which can prove to be interesting and fulfilling to organizations who are focused on provided that extra level of service to their clients and customers. These modules can be adjusted to the specific needs of intended program or used just as they are, at the discretion of the instructor. The simplicity of these modules and the depth of research conducted to develop supporting materials allows for flexibility in legnth of course, whether it be a single day course, or 18 week semester long course.


Question and answer session to review materials.

Students take their materials with them.
Instructors pick up any materials that they brought with them.