MATH 008 cvrMATH 008 Famous Captains

Lecture on captains who have left their mark on history. Including a list of 100+ Captains of which further discussion can be developed per instructor or student interest.

Materials Needed:
Instructor: PowerPoint Presentation
Students: Journals, writing implements

Vocabulary introduced:

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Lord Anson
  • Captain James Cook
  • John Paul Jones
  • Lord Nelson
  • Captain
  • First Mate
  • Bosun
  • Military tanking
  • Corsairs
  • Buccaneers
  • Cartographer

All of Maritime History began with the observation of the oceans and rivers by man.
Further specific lectures can be assigned module letters as the need arises.

Seafaring Lore and Legend, Peter D. Jeans 2007
Personal experiences
Personal research

Lesson Plan:
Introduce the terms and concepts via PowerPoint by using images and bulleted lists to convey the information. Dialogue with the students in a question and answer format.

Explain subject matter, and resource materials, with an eye on multimedia and hands-on instruction when materials are available.


  • Bullet list of intended topics for this module. 
  • Game: Name that Captain. 
  • Game: Where did you say you were from? 

Direction on how instructor can conclude the module